2025 Honda Ridgeline Redesign, Release Date, Colors

2025 Honda Ridgeline Redesign, Release Date, ColorsWithout any alterations, the 2025 Honda Ridgeline continues to offer the same choice of trims as the 2025 Ridgeline. The Honda Performance Development packages have remained unchanged in pricing for this year, further enhancing the pickup’s reputation. Although it is only available in one cab size, it is nonetheless a large and useful pickup in its class.

This tiny pickup truck is known for its safety features, including various driver-assist features that are included as standard and a smooth ride because of its unibody construction. The Ford Ranger, Nissan Frontier, and Toyota Tacoma will continue to be fierce competitors for the 2025 Honda Ridgeline.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Redesign

Exterior Design

The first time Honda redesigned Ridgeline’s exterior was in 2025 because the previous design was a little obsolete for the new decade. As a result, there will be no exterior alterations for the 2025 Honda Ridgeline. The Ridgeline’s general design is modern, compact, and basic, just like most Honda vehicles would appear to the company’s target audience. In addition, the new Honda Passport has strongly influenced the present design, giving it a more rounded and recognizable appearance.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Exterior
2025 Honda Ridgeline Exterior

On the hood, a new metal-finished cross member rests atop the front grille, which has been updated. New front and rear bumpers, fenders, and headlights are all visible. From the side, nothing has changed, but the elevated and new front designs also make the sides appear elevated and new. The bumper is the only notable addition to the rear of the vehicle. The choice of either 18-inch or 20-inch wheels further enhances the vehicle’s visual appeal.

Interior Design

The Honda Ridgeline cabin for 2025 is the same as the previous year’s model. As a result, the layout of the cabin is straightforward and sensible. Soft-touch and hard-touch plastics are used on the dashboard. Everything in the cabin is well-assembled and substantial, giving it a car-like feel. There is enough room for five adults of average height in the cabin thanks to the comfy and well-cushioned seats. It has an 8-inch touchscreen display like the previous generation, but Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are now standard features.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Interior
2025 Honda Ridgeline Interior

The auto-dimming rearview mirror and a leather-wrapped steering wheel are just a few of the standard amenities found in all model levels. In contrast to the other pickup trucks in this comparison, the bed is only available in one standard size. The bed’s sidewalls measure 60 inches broad by 64 inches long. The Ridgeline offers an additional 7.3 cubic feet of storage space under the bed, which is a first in its class.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Engine

The 3.5-liter naturally aspirated V6 engine of the 2025 Honda Ridgeline delivers 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. AWD and a nine-speed automatic transmission are included as standard equipment on all grades. The 2025 Honda Ridgeline’s peak speed is 130 mph, and it has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, with a payload capacity of 1,583 pounds.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Engine
2025 Honda Ridgeline Engine

The 2025 Ridgeline can go from 0-60 MPH in 7.2 seconds while completing a quarter-mile at 91 MPH in 15.6 seconds. Ridgeline is one of the smoothest trucks on the road. The truck also weighs less than the industry standard, which enhances its mobility and handling capabilities.

The Nissan Frontier offers the best power and torque figures, but the Ridgeline comes in at a close second. The least powerful truck in this comparison is the Toyota Tacoma, which is powered by a naturally aspirated inline-4 engine. With a 0-60 MPH time of just over six seconds, the Ranger’s turbocharged sibling beats the Ridgeline by 1.1 seconds.

2025 Honda Ridgeline Price and Release Date

Since it was completely redesigned last year, the Honda Ridgeline for the next 2025 model year is nearly untouched. All trims of the 2025 Ridgeline Crew Cab have been pushed up by $400 and start at $36,890 for the base Sports model and rise to $44,320 for the top-of-the-line Black Edition model. No matter what, the Ridgeline is still a respectable pick-up truck option in the tiny class. The 2025 Ridgeline’s new front and back appearance and a similar set of characteristics and features are carried over to the 2025 MY.

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