2024 Honda Ridgeline Redesign, Release Date, Specs

2024 Honda Ridgeline Redesign, Release Date, SpecsThe 2024 Honda Ridgeline is an easy target for anyone who wants to bash Honda. Skeptics claim that it isn’t a real truck. A common complaint is that “You can’t tow with it or travel off-road.” Well, thanks to the Texas Auto Writers Association’s 2024 Truck Rodeo, I was able to see and drive the Ridgeline for the first time. I’m here to assure you that the Ridgeline exists in the real world since I’ve personally handled and driven one. It can also handle moderate off-road terrain and haul a 5,000-pound trailer with little problem.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Redesign

Exterior Design

In the 2024 Honda Ridgeline, Honda’s Pilot crossover serves as a model. When you look at the front clip forward of the A-pillar, it’s visible. Even if they’re not identical, they’re connected. The truck’s door handles also bear the same strong character line. In Honda’s view, this enhances the Ridgeline’s premium look. The chrome trim surrounding the window apertures and the crossover-style door handles are similar in appearance.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Exterior
2024 Honda Ridgeline Exterior

The Ridgeline looks like a typical mid-size pickup truck from the back. The taillights resemble those of the GMC Canyon. Even yet, that’s as far as the similarities between a standard pickup and the Ridgeline go. To open it like a car door or a normal tailgate, the truck’s trademark dual-action tailgate swings outward. As a result, freight loading can be done with more freedom. The in-bed storage trunk can be accessed by opening the gate outwards. The truck area has plenty of room for tools, groceries, and luggage, measuring roughly two feet deep by four feet wide. No worries about your belongings getting wet because the compartment is watertight. It can also be used as a cooling device.

Ridgeline’s 7.9-inch ground clearance is impressive for a vehicle that has a unibody. Aside from the most difficult off-road circuit at the Longhorn River Ranch, the Honda was able to go anywhere the more traditional vehicles could go. As impressive as it was, the Ridgeline’s capacity to navigate areas most owners would be afraid to attempt was still impressive.

Interior Design

The inside of the Ridgeline is nearly identical to that of the Pilot. As opposed to the Pilot’s push-button gear shift, this vehicle utilizes a gear shift lever. It’s not a negative thing that there are some resemblances. Front-seat passengers will enjoy the Ridgeline’s easy controls, Honda’s infotainment system, and a huge display in the gauge cluster. Traditional volume controls were the only item we couldn’t find on the Ridgeline. That’s a sentiment shared by most Honda enthusiasts.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Interior
2024 Honda Ridgeline Interior

In addition to two spacious cup holders and a small coin tray under the HVAC controls, the center console has a large storage box right behind the gearshift. A higher center console is replaced by seat-mounted foldable armrests. The armrests can be raised or lowered to accommodate passengers of varying heights.

The first-generation Ridgeline’s fold-up rear bench returns in the 2024 model year. This is a multi-purpose design. This gives rear passengers a better vision because the seat bottoms are placed higher than those in the front. Headroom is improved by ceiling cutouts, and knees rest firmly on the seats rather than on the chest. As a bonus, Honda claims that the elevated posture of the seats reduces motion sickness.

It doesn’t get any easier to store cargo. To have a nearly flat load floor by folding the bench in half 60/40 style, you simply pull on the handle on the side of the seat. The seat supports’ locking channel is the only thing standing in the way. It’s possible to store a set of golf clubs under the bench even with the seats in place. If that doesn’t work, do it again in a different pickup.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Engine

The 3.5-liter V-6 with VTEC is paired to a six-speed automatic transmission, which distributes power to the front wheels. Honda’s classic family recipe is in place. When traction becomes a problem, AWD transfers power to all four wheels. The system can go back to FWD if the road surface is smooth. Direct fuel injection contributes to the engine’s 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Engine
2024 Honda Ridgeline Engine

Although it isn’t class-leading, the 4,500-pound truck can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 6.6 seconds. Although passing on the highway isn’t very fast, the truck’s high-tech V-6 produces enough power to get it up to speed. AWD Ridgelines are rated by the EPA at 18 city mpg and 25 highway mpg. When the AWD option is omitted, those values increase by one mpg.

2024 Honda Ridgeline Price and Release Date

It is possible to order a 2024 Ridgeline in seven different variations. All of these models are available: RT, RTS, Sport, RTL-T, RTL-T, RTL-E, and Black Edition. Prices start at $29,475 and go up to $42,870 without additional options.

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