2023 Honda S600 Price, Engine, Release Date

2023 Honda S600 Price, Engine, Release DateThe Honda S660 Kei-roadster, a faith-based successor to the 2023 Honda S600 and the Pininfarina-developed Honda Overcome, has begun sales in China. After being previewed in 2013 as an awesome-hunting concept car, the mini version is already on display less than two years after it was first shown off.

Although the roof is retractable, a small middle-engine roadster weighs less than 2,000 pounds and is less than 11.2 feet long in China’s Kei vehicle class. When you’re classified as a member of this class, your engine’s displacement is legally restricted to 660 cubic centimeters. Still, rumors abound that an even hotter model sold outside of China will use a turbocharged 1.-liter engine with a handle designed by Mugen’s engineers.

Honda began in 1948 as a manufacturer of bicycle auxiliary engines before becoming one of the most recognizable and well-known JDM brands ever. Legendary Honda automobiles like the S2000 from the “Fast & Furious” franchise, the track-focused Civic Type R, or the tuner’s fantasy CRX have been produced in the past.

The S600, one of the first Honda automobiles ever, is a considerably more significant vehicle in terms of its historical significance than any of the other Hondas we’ve discussed thus far. The 1964 S600 set a high bar for Honda’s future success, serving as a forerunner to virtually all of the company’s sports cars and sedans that followed. Let us examine it in greater depth.

2023 Honda S600 Redesign

Exterior Design

Premium Mystic Nighttime Pearl and Admiral Grey Metal are two of the 12 color options for the S660. The 2023 Honda S600, despite its diminutive stature, is a fully-fledged sports car in every respect. The tires are squeezed as far as possible to the vast and small body as quickly as possible. In some ways, the front-end finale is reminiscent of the Honda/Acura NSX. There are two airflow intakes on each side and turbine rims that contribute to its sporty image.

2023 Honda S600 Exterior
2023 Honda S600 Exterior

The S660’s design and size include almost minimal front or rear overhangs and a Targa-style material roof, which screams business. I’m reminded of the Cylon from Battlestar Galactica by the design of the back end, although that could be just me. The exhaust tube of the heart appears to be significant. Overall, the S660’s face lines are highly similar to the concept cars, making them a lovely vehicle.

Interior Design

With its NSX-inspired toned-down design, Honda claims that the S660 has the most compact controls in its whole lineup. When compared to the NSX, the S660 cabin appears to be at the very least athletic. The agency group has a large tachometer in the center, positioned at an angle to the driver. With its “go-cart-like” driving experience, Honda aimed to create an “experience of unity between the driver and automobile” in the interior design.

2023 Honda S600 Interior
2023 Honda S600 Interior

An aura-deflector or a rear-end windscreen can serve as a piece of the back middle window that can go up or down to allow automatic air cooling. Even though it’s clear at this point where the S660’s ambitions are, Honda felt it necessary to add a few minor pleasures to the car. For instance, the S660 characteristics auto air conditioner has a “mid-mode” that engages thigh and midsection-size air flow stores to help keep travelers secure. Also, when the top-rated is removed, the back middle cup goes down and up, which helps to dampen the wind.

2023 Honda S600 Engine

The Honda S660 is equipped with a turbocharged engine that adheres to Japanese Kei car policies. 63 horsepower and 77 pound-feet of torque are generated by the 66-liter, three-tube engine. With a six-speed manual transmission, Honda says it’s the first of its kind for this segment. A CVT (Continually Adjustable Transmission) with paddle-shifters and a sports setting is an option for customers.

2023 Honda S600 Engine
2023 Honda S600 Engine

Autos like this one are not about 0-60 or quarter-distance times, and there are no phrases on the subject. As long as there isn’t a lot of uphill driving involved, the midship engine structure should deliver enough excitement around the twisties because of its lower center of gravity and 45/55 top/back bodyweight balance.

2023 Honda S600 Release Date and Price

For the Honda S660 in China, the starting price is 1,980,000 Yen (about $16,500 in 2023). Although there are currently no available offers to export it, the starting price in the outside marketplace is expected to rise closer to $20,000, which might work in conjunction with the model’s ability to reduce weight (e.g., far more safety features than the same excess fat and expenses).

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