2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Review, Colors, Specs

2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Review, Colors, SpecsThis year, the 2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Review and Touring grades have blind-spot monitors with rear cross-traffic alerts, while the remainder of the components stays the same. The appearance of Insight Hybrid, based on the tiny Civic, is dressed up a bit more maturely. As long as you don’t mind the look of the Accord’s nose and tail, the Insight Hybrid is a better choice than the Civic.

The inside of the Insight Hybrid reflects its lower-than-average price tag, but it’s nevertheless tidy and roomy. On the other hand, insight Hybrid’s fuel efficiency is sub-par. For the 2023 Insight Hybrid, the 1.5-liter inline-4 gas engine that produces 107 horsepower is standard equipment. The hybrid battery package and 129-hp electric engine that moves the front wheels generally drive a generator. Hybrids can occasionally use the power of their engines, but this is a rare occurrence, and Honda insists it is not the norm. Up to 52mpg combined is near the peak of any new car offered today that doesn’t have a plug.

2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Redesign

Exterior Design

The 2023 Insight Hybrid Review takes the Civic’s youthful spirit and places it in the middle management of the automotive industry. To borrow from the Accord’s more significant, more mature themes, the Insight Hybrid does a fine job. Although the Insight Hybrid is very similar to the Civic in proportions and roofline, it has a more appealing design. The Insight Hybrid successfully grafts the Accord’s front and rear end onto a more compact body.

2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Review Exterior
2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Exterior

Aside from its sleeker wheel arches, the Insight Hybrid’s profile may be its most attractive feature. Inside, the Insight Hybrid has a low, wide dash that merges into a large “V” form in the middle of the car. Low-cost materials are noticeable in a few areas, but the overall effect is positive.

Interior Design

Although the 2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Review rides lower than expected, we appreciate the sturdy and comfy front seats. Whether you have long legs or short arms, the steering wheel’s tilt and the telescopic feature can accommodate you.

2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Review Interior
2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Interior

The legroom in the rear is better than 37 inches, even though the seat bottoms are a little thin. Two adults should have plenty of room, even if three people are in the same row. No matter your height, there’s a place for you among 6-footers. The 2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Review trunk has a capacity of 15.1 cubic feet, which is on pace with other mid-size Hybrids in its class. Cargo space isn’t impacted by the Insight hybrid battery pack, and the rear seats fold down in EX and Touring versions for even more flexibility.

2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Engine

Unlike many other hybrid vehicles on the market, the Insight Hybrid has a unique way of operating. This hybrid vehicle is powered by a 1.5-liter inline-4 producing 107 horsepower and an electric motor that generates 128 horsepower. Calculations are required to arrive at the total output of 151 hp. In most situations, the electric motor is the only power source for the Insight Hybrid’s powertrain. When the Insight Hybrid isn’t moving very fast, the engine’s primary job is to generate power for the battery. This can lead to frantic noises coming from under the hood. An engine speed-to-wheel-speed correlation doesn’t exist.

2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Review Engine
2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Engine

Honda says this does not happen very often, but the engine can drive the front wheels in a few specific circumstances. This method is unique to Honda hybrids, and it is shared with the Accord and CR-V Hybrid, even though they both have a larger 2.0-liter inline-4 engine. Speeding up alongside interstate traffic may require some previous preparation since the Insight Hybrid’s acceleration from 0 to 60 mph clocks in at around 9 seconds.

The Sport and Econ buttons didn’t significantly impact performance during our drives. Sport mode on the Insight Hybrid didn’t make it quicker or quieter; it instead made it louder. The Insight Hybrid’s EV mode was not triggered by Econ mode; rather, the accelerator was slowed down. With the Insight Hybrid, we’ve found that the best way to drive it is without preconceived plans.

2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Cost and Launch Date

The base LX model costs $23,885, while the top-of-the-line Touring model costs $29,795 for the 2023 Honda Insight Hybrid Review. There stand several trim classes to select from. In complementing a broad spectrum of possibilities, the Touring trim level provides exceptional comfort. Another good option is the EX trim’s $25,765 price tag. The 2023 Honda Insight Hybrid was unveiled at the start of the 2023 season.

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